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Your spotlight on local services

Our Work 2015-2016

Healthwatch is the independent consumer champion for both health and social care. It exists in two distinct forms—local Healthwatch, at a local level, and Healthwatch England, at a national level.

Healthwatch give people a powerful voice locally and nationally. At a local level, local Healthwatch will work to help local people get the best out of their local health and social care services. Whether it's improving them today or helping to shape them for tomorrow. Local Healthwatch is all about local voices being able to influence the delivery and design of local services.

The aim of Healthwatch Barking and Dagenham is to give our citizens and communities a stronger voice to influence and challenge how health and social care services are provided in the borough. To do this we will:

  • be visible and enable people to share their views and concerns and understand that their contribution will help build a picture of where services are doing well and where they can be improved

  • signpost people to information about local health and care services and how to access them as well as provide them with information about their choices and what to do when things go wrong

  • have a seat on the Health and Wellbeing Board, ensuring that the views and experience of patients, carers and others are taken into account when local needs assessments and strategies are prepared

  • give authoritative, evidenced based feedback to organisations responsible for commissioning or delivering services

  • be able to alert Healthwatch England, or CQC where appropriate, to concerns about specific care providers, health or social care matters.

Some of the projects areas we have undertaken in the previous two years include:

  • Protecting Vulnerable Adults

  • Personal Budgets

  • Duty of Candour

  • Children’s Dental Health

  • Children’s Speech & Language Therapy

  • Services for Deaf Adults

  • Stroke Services for local people

  • Deliver a public consultation report about Maxillofacial Services

  • Children’s and Adult’s Orthotics Services

  • Enter & View Visits to various health and social care providers

Every year Healthwatch Barking and Dagenham look into the feedback we have received from the local community in order to plan projects for the following year. We are currently working on the next work-plan and invite the public and professionals and organisations to comment on the project areas identified. We have attached the draft work plan.

Please email any comments back to either of the email addresses below:



 or speak to us on 020 8526 8200

Contact details

Healthwatch Barking and Dagenham
Harmony House Dagenham CIC
Baden Powell Close
Tel:0208 526 8200