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Your spotlight on local services

Case Study: St Luke’s Adult Drug & Alcohol Service


Partnership Working through Covid 19

Barking & Dagenham BDAATBIT (B&D Access, Assessment & Brief Intervention Team) and St Luke’s Service meet monthly for joint case working. Both teams are working together to support those with Substance Misuse and Mental Health concerns.

For our clients who have lost loved ones during the pandemic: We Care. We can signpost clients to support services such as CRUSE Bereavement Care helpline@cruse.org.uk or  http://uk-sobs.org.uk/.

St Luke’s Trauma Informed Interventions & Mental Health

Our Trauma Informed counselling service reaches out to those most in need of support and who have been impacted by the traumatic experiences in their life. It offers person centred care and compassion and enables clients to feel heard and supported. The counselling service gives a space to build trust and  for clients to feel safe, whilst learning new coping skills for managing emotions and making change in a welcoming and safe environment.

Keeping in Touch throughout Lockdown

Whilst keeping in line with Government guidance, St Luke’s Service can support our clients via telephone contact, video contact or online support to ensure we provide vital care coordinator led support.

Case Study

Client A has been diagnosed with ADHD, Asperger’s and Bi-Polar Disorder. Client A previously smoked heroin and consumed high levels of alcohol. Client A was sexually assaulted in the past and has previously overdosed and is known to self-harm. At the start of the Lockdown Client A had lost their job. Client A was also admitted to Hospital for support regarding  their Mental Health deterioration. Client A reported to be struggling with the Isolation of lockdown and had little by way of a supportive network of family/friends. Client A could not attend at their regular church, which was also impacting negatively on their mood.

During the pandemic we have supported Client A to engage on an Opiate Substitute Prescription. Client A has been supported by an employment agency to complete a CV and is currently seeking employment. Several professionals (including Mental Health Specialists & Adult Social Services) conducted a virtual meeting to ensure a joint care plan to support Client A. Client A was also referred to a gender-specific support group is also attending AA (Alcohol Anonymous). Client A is accessing Trauma Informed Counselling and built  a therapeutic relationship with the Psychologist. Client A’s mental wellbeing, self-esteem and confidence has improved. Client A is no longer using illicit substances and is on an alcohol reduction plan. Client A will continue to access regular support with the St Luke’s Care Coordinator.



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