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Your spotlight on local services

Digital access to GP services- share your experiences


It has always been important to access GP services. Whether you want a blood test, vaccination or prescription, a consultation with your GP is required. During the pandemic  GPs have adapted the way they offer patient consultations. Whilst this has worked for some, others have  Patients have contacted Healthwatch Barking and Dagenham and told the team about positive experiences and the challenges they have faced trying to access services at practices they are registered with. 

Many GP practices suspended online booking systems for appointments and appointments can only be made over the phone. Patients whose first language is not English have told the team that telephone consultations are a struggle and they are  left unsure about treatment and medication. Video consultations make it easier to show physical conditions to the GP, however, for those without access to the internet or are not IT literate, video consultations are not possible.

In light of some of the feedback received from patients Healthwatch have launched a project looking into Digital access to GPs. The team would like to speak to both patients and doctors, so that we can share soloutions with commisoners and service providers looking at the whole picture.

You can get involved by: 

Clicking here and completing our survey 

Emailing us your views info@healthwatcbarkinganddagenham.co.uk

Calling the team and sharing your story  on 0800 298 2331



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