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Your spotlight on local services

Ear Wax Removal Services in Barking & Dagenham


Healthwatch has received a number of issues raised by local people with concerns about accessing Ear Wax removal services at local GP practices.

It was pointed out, that the nearest private service - based in Havering - costs between £60 and £80.

Both the cost and travel are just not viable for people from Barking & Dagenham and that such an essential service, especially for older people, is not accessible.

To find out the process and policy about this service in the borough, Healthwatch contacted the Clinical Commissining Group (CCG) to enquire about this on behalf of patients - this is the response and guidance on the matter:

Following your enquiry, I can advise that: Some GP practices across BHR still do offer ear wax syringing

GP Practices are not contracted to provide an ear wax removal service but can refer for advice regarding further management based on individual needs.

If a patient is having any problems with their hearing or the build-up of ear wax, they need to go to their GP in the first instance. The patients GP will be able to discuss symptoms with the patient and advise whether ear wax removal is required and the local services available to them, these being. If available, the patient may be referred for ear wax removal at their local practice. or You may be referred to your local hospital for ear wax removal using specialist equipment

The patients GP will discuss with them whether these (above) are clinically appropriate treatments for them. It may be the case that there are some things you can try yourself first, including products available at your local pharmacy that can help with the build-up of ear wax.



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