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Your spotlight on local services

Healthwatch Annual Survey 2024/25: Who Knows?


We're back with our annual survey for 2024/25!

Healthwatch Barking and Dagenham wants to know if you've heard about us, and if so, how you learned about our work. Your feedback will enable us to improve our approach to reaching and connecting with you.

The survey's insights will guide us in identifying areas where we can further engage with you and your neighbours. By participating, you're directly influencing the ways we interact, communicate, and collaborate with local residents. Your recommendations from this report will be taken forward in our next year’s work-plan.

Complete our survey here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us our team by calling on 0800 298 5331 or emailing info@healthwatchbarkinganddagenham.co.uk


Healthwatch Barking and Dagenham
Lifeline House
25 Neville Road
Dagenham, Essex RM8 3QS