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Increasing Vaccine Uptake in Black, Asian, Minority, Ethnic Communities


A key focus for North East London is increasing the uptake of the Covid-19 vaccine by Black, Asian, Minority, Ethnic (BAME) communities.

Local data indicates that so far there has been a much larger number of Asian and White population and smaller proportion of the Black population vaccinated, with more males than females vaccinated across ethnic groups. There might be a number of reasons for this and the NHS continues to review the data, looking at the national and London wide insight and understanding of the diverse local communities' their beliefs and ways of life and how vaccinations are perceived.

This vaccine saves lives and the NHS wants to make sure as many people as possible have it, while reassuring them about the safety of the vaccine and responding to their concerns. The local NHS would welcome the support and knowledge of local people to reach out to these groups. Their email is bhrccgs.communications@nhs.net if you can help.

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