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Public Health England Info to Care Homes: Protecting your Residents this Winter


PHE has published some information for care homes regarding the flu, shingles and pneumococcal immunisations (pneumococcal infections are caused by bacteria which can lead to pneumonia, septicaemia and meningitis), and how best to contain the Norovirus (Norovirus is the most common cause of infectious gastroenteritis (diarrhoea and vomiting) in England and Wales). As all these can be very infectious and cause outbreaks in residential settings, stay informed and make sure that you, your loved ones or someone you care for are being well looked after in their care home. Please talk with your/their GP to find out what they recommend and what is available regarding immunisations.

Please click on the attachments below for further information about the flu and advice on how to keep Norovirus at bay.


Winter Care Home Letter

Stop Norovirus!

Information about the Flu


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