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Your spotlight on local services

Case Study: Community Resources Mens Group making a difference during Covid




Greg was introduced to Community Resources through BD Connect. He was lonely and isolated, living alone and had experienced some physical and mental health difficulties. After receiving a few weekly phone calls from one our team members, he was invited to the Men’s Group, which takes place at The Hub on a Tuesday. At the Men’s Group, he met men of a similar age to him, who were very chatty and interested in what he had to say. Greg enjoyed it so much that he started bringing along another friend with him; Brian, as he believed that Brian would also benefit from the group that he had been attending. Greg still receives regular calls from the Community Resources team member, and has now also started attending a weekly discussion group on a Friday morning. His demeanour has changed; when he first got involved, he was very low, and when asked how he was would often respond with a negative answer. He is now a lot more positive, and while he does have genuine challenges in his personal life, he has now found a place of belonging and is starting to make healthy and positive friendships.




Matthew started attending the Men’s Group about 18 months ago, having gone through a difficult relationship break up. He is retired, and was finding himself increasingly isolated and lonely. He was also experiencing serious anxiety. The Men’s Group has been a great lifeline for him, and he rarely misses a week of attendance. Matthew is a very interesting person, and is also interested in others, so he often gets into very thought-provoking and meaningful conversations with the men. While in the beginning Matthew was very averse to committing to anything or volunteering for things, he now often comes early to help set up, always offers to make drinks for people, and wants to help. Matthew has found a place of belonging at The Hub. He has got involved in other activities at The Hub, and has made friends with other attendees and volunteers, and these friendships are no longer just restricted to The Hub. 



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