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Your spotlight on local services

Healthwatch welcome local students


Our team welcomed seven public health students from Coventry University (London Campus) last month over the course of two days.

 The aim of their placement was to undertake a health promotion exercise, enabling students to speak to individuals about specific services and interventions.  

As part of their placement our project and engagement officer trained the students to offer a basic information and signposting service and accompanied them to undertake a session at two separate locations in Barking and Dagenham. During our engagement sessions at the local library, placement students observed how Healthwatch assists people who might not know how to file a complaint or who need direction in areas where they need it. To put it simply, placement students described Healthwatch as an essential tool that helps people in the community get the resources they require.

Before they finished, students were asked to reflect on their placement with us.

At the end of the placement, all students confirmed that they had a clearer idea of what Healthwatch do and felt that they developed some skills that are valued by employers. Students also agreed that they had a clearer idea of the challenges local people face in terms of health and care services. Students described that the main function of Healthwatch is to serve as an important intermediary between service providers (like the NHS) and service users (l community members), and one of the primary responsibilities is to guide people to the appropriate services, help them resolve their issues through the proper channels, and offer insightful information and guidance.

Work placement students reflected that they had sufficient time to complete the tasks, and the allocation of time to each task was appropriate. Here is what they had to say:

“Happy to be here today, able to gain more experience on how to engage with people.”

“Healthwatch plays an important role by impacting knowledge and new information to us about need, strategy towards improvement.”

“I think Healthwatch is doing an amazing job in the community by reducing inequality among the marginalised groups in the society.”

Are you looking to complete your work placement with Healthwatch Barking and Dagenham? Reach out to us on 0800 298 5331 or email info@healthwatchbarkinganddagenham.co.uk



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