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Your spotlight on local services

News and Blogs

  • Barking and Dagenham (B&D)’s SEND Local Offer is seeking feedback for their website

    Posted by Ruby on 11/09/2023 in News

    Barking and Dagenham (B&D)’s SEND Local Offer is for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and their families. They are seeking feedback regarding their SEND Local Offer website. They hope to provide information on available support services for children and youth with special educational needs...

  • NHS Wheelchair service survey

    Posted by Ruby on 04/09/2023 in News

    The NHS in Barking and Dagenham, Havering, Redbridge, Waltham Forest, and Tower Hamlets (BHRUT) is seeking your views regarding present and forthcoming wheelchair services. They aim to gain insight into your priorities when using the wheelchair services and any additional features you'd like to have in the service. Please note...

  • Healthwatch England brings attention to the challenges associated with social care

    Posted by Ruby on 29/08/2023 in News

    Healthwatch England looked at what people tell them about the adult social care support as almost two million requests for adult social care support made each year. Social care stands as a crucial service, offering long-term support to more than 818,000 adults in England, helping them in achieving maximum independence...

  • NHS made changes to the standard of measuring the cancer waiting times

    Posted by Ruby on 22/08/2023 in News

    Starting from October 1, 2023, NHS England has made changes to the standard of measuring the cancer waiting times . These alterations aim to guarantee people to have a swift diagnosis and start the treatment as soon as possible. The NHS will transit from the current 10 different standards to...

  • NHS has introduced a new programme to assist residents in achieving weight loss and maintaining their overall well-being

    Posted by Ruby on 15/08/2023 in News

    The introduction of a new 12-week self-referral programme can bring advantages to community members. This is a free and easily accessible programme which aims to help individuals in enhancing their health and weight management. To access the programme, participants must meet the following criteria: Age 18 or over. A BMI...

  • Understanding the symptoms of Cavernoma and find the support

    Posted by Ruby on 15/08/2023 in Blogs

    Cavernoma is a cluster of abnormal blood vessels, typically found in the brain and spinal cord. Walls of these blood vessels are abnormally leaky, making them vulnerable to bleeding. They are sometimes known as cavernous angiomas, cavernous haemangiomas, or cerebral cavernous malformation (CCM). [1] Research suggested that one person in...

  • Healthwatch Annual Survey: Who Knows 2023

    Posted by Ruby on 09/08/2023 in News

    Healthwatch Barking and Dagenham wants to know if you've heard about us, and if so, how you learned about our work. Your feedback will enable us to improve our approach to reaching and connecting with you. The survey's insights will guide us in identifying areas where we can further engage...

  • Get a free hepatitis C home test

    Posted by Agne on 09/08/2023 in News

    The NHS website now offers free and confidential hepatitis C testing kits. The National Health Service (NHS) is dedicated to eliminating hepatitis C as a significant public health concern in England, ahead of the World Health Organization's target of eliminating viral hepatitis as a threat to public health by 2030...

  • High Blood Pressure – What causes it & how to tackle it?

    Posted by Agne on 02/08/2023 in Blogs

    *** This blog was written by a work experience student and edited by the Healthwatch team*** The NHS listed that [ [1] ]lack of exercise, obesity, smoking, stress, poor diet etc. can increase the risk of getting high blood pressure (hypertension) in the UK. Interestingly, even though all these factors...

  • Data from Healthwatch England shows that two thirds of patients are seriously impacted by NHS care cancellations.

    Posted by Agne on 28/07/2023 in News

    Impact of NHS pressures revealed in a new survey of 1084 people whose care has been canceled this year. Over one in three, 39%, have experienced cancellations or postponements of care two or more times. Disruptions to care disproportionately affect unpaid carers, neurodivergent people, and those on lower incomes, widening...

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